Product Range

Packaging size = 1kg

Country of origin – India


Prawns are the best selling items on our product list with wide range of sizes . These are PDTO- Peeled Deveined Tail On and IQF.

Prawns 8/12 lb, Prawns 16/20 lb, Prawns 21/25 lb, Prawns 26/30 lb, Prawns 31/40 lb, Prawns 45/50 lb, Prawns 51/60 lb, Prawns 61/70 lb, Prawns 71/90 lb


Norwegian salmon – A filleted trim C cut of freshly brought salmon from Norway.Tender in texture with a dark orange color to it.

Packaging size:  1.320kg approx of a fillet

Smoked salmon – Beautifully smoked over a period of time to give rustic taste to the salmon. Best for canapés topped with cream cheese and capers.

Packaging size = 1kg  a  fillet

Country of origin – Norway


Cleaned and frozen tubes of squids . No pungent odour and easy to handle

Packaging size = 1kg = 20 tubes

Country of origin – India


Avacado Peeled and de-stoned , divided into two halves. It is an individually quick frozen(IQF) product.

Product size: 1kg = 8 pc per kg
Country of origin – Vietnam


Comes in three different size, diversifying the choice of Spring rolls for chefs to meet their requirements. 

Country of origin – Singapore
Spring roll 190mm
Net weight- 550g
No. Of sheets – 50 sheets
Spring roll 215mm
Net weight- 550g

No. Of sheets – 40 sheets

Spring roll 250mm
Net weight- 550g

No. Of sheets – 30 sheets


Our basa is white in color and treated as per EU standards
Net weight: 1 kg
No. Of pcs= 2 pcs


Japanese stuffed dumpling wrappers made easy ,Size : 10 cm x 10 cm
Net Weight: 300g

Country of origin – Singapore


An all purpose product used for making desserts and other savory dishes.
Net weight : 375g
Country of origin – Australia


Comes in two colors yellow and white Panko , each giving a distinctive color after using for culinary purpose.
Country of origin – Vietnam
Net weight: 1kg

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